DW Guitar Lessons

DW Guitar Lessons is run and owned by David Wilder.

David is an Experienced Musician who picked up the Guitar in his teens and never put it down.

David has been a successful musician over the years. He joined Gold Coast based I Shall Devour in 2011, touring the country to places like Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Rural QLD, and of course his hometown of Brisbane and Gold Coast. He currently plays for Aussie metal outfit Iconoclast, and spends his time touring the country when he is not teaching.

He also completed a Diploma of Music in 2011 from GCIT, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of Music Theory, Composition, and Arrangement.

Based in Varsity Lakes, he continues to teach and pass on his knowledge of Music and Guitar to his students, Beginner and Advanced.

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David Wilder